About Us

Rajeev gandhi Memorial Charitable Trust founded in august 15 2019, in memory of Rajeev Gandhi for doing charitable and paliayetive care services.

The objectives of the Trust


Purchase of land and construction of buildings for the office of the trustee and for establishments.


Organize free medical camps and provide medical aid and medicines.


Conduct various activities in collaboration with the Health Department to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other contaminated diseases.


Establish blood donation.


Establish an organ donation forum.


Assist in providing medical, medicine, food and financial assistance to families and families suffering from chronic illnesses by working in partnership with Pain & Palliative Societies.


Organize classes and exhibitions as part of educational awareness.


Conduct debates, debates and seminars on contemporary education and social press.


Make people aware of the law.


Provide free legal aid to common people in times of need by contacting agencies such as the Legal Services Authority.


Educate the public on substance use, AIDS and other social ills.


Identify drug addicts and treat them as needed.


Provide psychological counseling to the children of alcoholics and other family members.


Establish a group of alcoholics. Provide needed support.


Provide guidance and assistance to patients in need of expert treatment.


Help the destitute and the needy.


Establish psychological counseling centers and rehabilitation centers for the mentally retarded.


Financial assistance for the marriage of young women in needy families.


Awareness among people about human rights and information rights.


Conduct a disability welfare program.


Work for environmental cleanliness, environmental protection and social forestry.


Volunteer for natural disasters and assist in rehabilitation.


Carry out social welfare activities of Central and State Governments and other agencies.


Create a situation whereby you can receive funds from casteist religious organizations or individuals and give them to eligible persons.

Trust Members


Vineesh Chambalon


Nithyanadan Kayalod


Aneesh K


Pramod A C

Joe: Secretary

Vijeesh R K

Trust Member

Sadhesh P T

Trust Member

Jithesh K V

Trust Member

Nishadh C H