Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Charitable Trust

Reg : 62 / IV / 2019 Kottayam Malabar, Koothuparamba
The Operational limit of this trust are the Grama Panchayats of Kottayam, Mangattidam and Pinarayi and the municipality of Koothuparamba.
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Various service activities

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The objectives of the Trust


Purchase of land and construction of buildings for the office of the trustee and for establishments.


Organize free medical camps and provide medical aid and medicines.


Conduct various activities in collaboration with the Health Department to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other contaminated diseases.


Establish blood donation.


Establish an organ donation forum.


Assist in providing medical, medicine, food and financial assistance to families and families suffering from chronic illnesses by working in partnership with Pain & Palliative Societies.

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