Organize free medical camps for needy families and provide medical aid and medicines.


Organize various activities in collaboration with the Department of Health to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other contaminated diseases.


Establish a blood donation force


Establish an organ donation forum


Assist in providing medical aid, medicine, food and financial assistance to families and families suffering from fatal illnesses by working in partnership with Pain Palliative Societies.


Organize classes and exhibitions as part of educational awareness.


Make people aware of the law.


Educate the public on the use of intoxicants and other social ills.


Assist those who have been injured in accidents.


Helping financially disadvantaged students.


Provide guidance to patients in need of expert treatment.


Help the destitute and the needy.


Assistance for the marriage of young women in needy families.


Conduct a disability welfare program.


Volunteer for natural disasters and assist in rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation of non-residential houses